Rabu, 29 Maret 2017

Dewa Athena IX

Hi, today I am going to talk about my experience about Dewa Athena, but first i am going to explain it first, it is a sport event in my school, 3 High School, it is the 9th Dewa Athena so far, so as you can see this event has come along way since 9 years ago. This event is for 11th and 10th graders. The 11th grade classes compete against each other and so does the 10th grade classes. It was on 23-25 March and 8 April, at 23-24 March the 11th graders are the ones who play and compete, at 25 March and 8 April, the 10th graders play. the finals will be at 8 April.

The competition is a form of elimination, so the classes eliminate each other until the finals, and if you lose you are ot.. the sports that fill this event are Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, Volleyball, Running, Gobak Sodor, Thug of War, and Dodge ball.

I arrived at Bali Field at 7 pm, first we lined up at the soccer field, and there was greetings and briefing first,  then the competitions started.

 My class, 10 Science 5's first game was girls badminton, the ones who played were upi and dila, at first we had a bad start, but it looked like we were gaining to them, but we eventually lost, but it's okay it was only the first game. Our second one was basketball, and I played along with Fadhlan, Vian, Andika, and Galih, it was against 10 Science 3, the start was pretty bad, both of teams had a hard time getting a point, but finally we scored, and we dominated until the end of the game, and we won triumphantly, the score was 20-2, it was pretty fun, sadly, that was the only game we won that day. The next game was running, against science 7, we lost cause our first runner had a bad start, it was pretty frustrating for our running team. Then there was girls soccer, the girls in our class played terribly to be honest, and we lost a devastating 5-0.

After 3 loses we had enough and we tried to win our next game, which was thug of war. i played cause i was one of the biggest guys in class, at first we did pretty good, until we lost the rhythm, and we fell, second try, we were off to a good start again, until my friend had a cramp, and everybody fell, and we lost, for the 4th time, my friends and I took care of the one that got a cramp, and then we sit for a while. after that we watch girls dodgeball, my friend Beta was surely the MVP at that match, but the others didn't do so good, so we lost, again, for the 5th time and still counting.

We had a break, so we ate and prayed, after that we wait until Volleyball, few of my classmates played, it was against science 3, we played pretty well, but science 3 was way better, and we had to accept defeat, then there was male soccer, we played against Science 9, and yet again, we lost, 9-1, i am speechless, and when you thought we can not lose anymore, we lost at male badminton,. so in total we had 8 loses. I admit my class did pretty bad, but hey, at least we had fun.

That is all from me, thank you for reading.

Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Crossword Puzzle


1. A preset format foe document or file
2. V2 and V3 of dig
3. Word used to ask reason behind  something
4. Blood color
5. Rubix  …
6. If someone asks you something, it is called a …
7. Synonym of holding
8. If something is broken, you … it
9. A foolish person
10. Liquid, solid, and …
11. A broad inlet of the sea where the land curves inward
12. Synonym of puke
13. Process of decaying
14. Synonym of illegal drug

1. A tragedy is usually …
2. Someone who helps
3. Plural of bed
4. Beam of light
5. Tall building
6. King’s wife
7. Blurry
8. Place in a city where you can see animals
9. Having or showing an excessively high opinion of someone’s appearance
10. Synonym of road
11. Trash …
12. Synonym of horribly
13. Visiting some place

Learning from Nature

Learning from Nature

            The wondrous Mother Nature , our source of life, our savior. Now what is this, nature?  Nature is pretty much everything the earth produces, from landscapes, to fields in the countryside. Now what do we learn from nature? Well as you can see, the earth was green, the ocean was blue, the sky is not polluted, but now, as you can see things have changed, we have changed the earth 180 degrees, the fields are now factories, the sea is dirty from all the trash we threw away, and the sky is just full of smoke. These are what humans do, we destroy something we don’t need, but as you can see, nature does not do anything it keeps giving us things, from this we learn to not take anything for granted. so why not learn from nature?

            Now let’s see nature itself, mother nature symbolize harmony and peace, cause things in nature goes naturally in harmony, for instance, the circle of life, everything does their part, they are not complaining, all to keep the stability of nature, this somewhat represents our community, but people nowadays complain about things in their life, this is one thing we can learn from nature, to be in sync with everyone or simply to be friends with everyone, and believe we all do this for the same purpose for the good of everyone.

            Other thing we can learn philosophically, are animals. We all know animals adapt, they do this to survive nature, the weak will not go on, the one who adapts will. This can be seen in our daily lives, when we are facing a test in life, we have to adapt we have to see this problem in other points of view and face it instead of running away from it and give up.

            If the thing I said above sounds unrealistic for you let us talk about the facts. Nature gives us pretty much everything, from the clothes we wear to the house we live in. Now let us see the small things you might not even realize it is from nature. First, the oxygen we breath, well we gain oxygen from plants, where do plants come from? Well nature. Plants produce oxygen, we produce carbon dioxide, we have this mutual relationship with plants, but well plants are starting to disappear nowadays this is our doing, without plants one day we are going to suffocate without air, and most probably we would die, so let’s start planting, and less destroying. Second, our clothes yes that is right, we get our clothes from sheep, silk worms, and plants, also from cows if you wear leather, we are taking advantage of these things, we treat them horribly, but they are always there for us. Third, Paper, paper comes from trees, which we take down every single day, and if we keep wasting paper, there will be less trees, and with less trees, there will be less oxygen, then, Glass, glass comes from heated sand believe it or not, and we just keep taking them and making them into glass. Now you might already know nature gives us these stuff, like Petrol, gold, fossil fuel, etc. Now these things cannot be produced by us which means we will eventually run out of these things, but we keep going, taking everything from nature.

            In conclusion we learn a lot from nature, and nature gives a lot to us, so why not once give it back and do some good to nature who gives us lots of things and if you still think this is not the right thing to do, think about the things you will get without nature, you will suffer, so let us give something back to nature for the good of everyone.

Selasa, 31 Januari 2017

Thank You

Hi, so i am going to write an appreciation post for some people. the first one is this person who  has been really really helpful recently, and i have no idea how tired i am going to be if this person didn't help me. i'm not going to mention any names, since this person knows i'm posting about her.

This person helped me about a few days ago, this person helped me with my chemistry homework, i was extremely desperate when i was doing this one, i got really tired when doing this, so i asked this person for help, and in return i would give this person some movies. and she helped me with it and i was really really helped by this, and that really saved me a lot of time to do other things, plus i was really tired, so if she didn't help me, i would've probably slept really late and would probably got sick if she didn't help. and now i haven't actually give the movies to her, and for that i was really grateful for her patience.

Besides the homework, she helped accompany me with some of her friends to move sundanese class to Monday so i am not really lonely so thanks.

And the last thing she did, was buying some books for some people in my class, and that was really helpful for me since i have never got the time to buy the books so thank you. anyway so i'm just going to tell the name of this person, Salsa, thanks a lot dude, i would be utterly tired without your help.

The second person is my brother, he has been really helpful the last few days, i was quite sick a few days ago and he helped took care of me, he's studying to become a doctor, so he kind of knows how to deal with the sick people.

besides that, he helped me with some of my personal problems with school and my parents, so when i got really upset he gave me some inspiring advise, which helped me a lot.

Thank you everyone for helping the last tiring days, once again thank you.

Selasa, 17 Januari 2017

My Holiday in Australia

Hi, so, I'm going top tell my last holiday, which is a year end holiday, I spent it in the wondrous and beautiful Australia. 

My trip starts 2 days after we got my report card from school. At Sunday morning, about 3 am in the morning i woke up and take a shower, just like a usual morning. the reason i woke up so early was because we have to ride a train to Jakarta, then we were going to depart to Australia from Soekarno-Hatta airport. The train will be in the station at 6 am. after my family and I are ready we went to the station and rode the train. while in the train nothing much happens, but i can see forests, small villages, etc which kept me entertained trough the whole ride.

We arrived in Jakarta at 10 am approximately. we rode a taxi to the airport. we cant go to the malls in Jakarta first since the flight was at 1.00 pm. we arrived in the new terminal, it was huge. anyway we went in met the tour leader and ate lunch. im going to cut the chase here, so we're going to Bali first to transit flight. So we got to Bali, ate dinner, and transit to another flight to Australia.

The whole flight wasn't boring actually, i entertained myself with movies and sleeping, the food was surprisingly good, or maybe i was just hungry. anyway we arrived in Melbourne, and i had to face my fear, Immigration, i dont bring anything dangerous, but i always feel tense when i go abroad and go trough immigration. Anyway we got trough immigration, and we had a city tour around melbourne, it was fun since its the first time i've been to Melbourne. we went to some historical buildings like the cathedral and old hotels. 

so, im on the right side of the picture

after the day is done, we went to the hotel and took a rest. the day after we went to a chocolate factory, where people show how chocolate is made, also its kinda like a chocolate museum. then we went to a fun house, which is like a house full of magic tricks, and stuff. then we went to a beach where penguins come after hunting all day in the ocean. so its like watching penguins lining up and coming home, which is cute, but it was raining and i was cold so i didn't enjoy it.

The day after we went to a tropical island resort. there we rode helicopters, sand skiing, dolphin feeding, man it was fun. but the thing i loved the most about the island, was the beach, it was just awesome, truly awesome. when we're sand skiing, i had a lot of fun, but i got sand in my eyes, ears, and mouth which ruins everything but i still think its fun.

After we went to the island, we went to gold coast, where we had some fun times in the amazing dreamworld and movieworld (those are theme parks). there we rode some fun rides, in movie world we rode the green lantern rollercoaster, and bought some cool merchandise. in dreamworld we watched some performances, and we saw koalas, kangaroos and other Australian animals. in the evening i ate at this chinese restaurant, the food was really good, especially the fish, but with a great food comes a great price. the fish was 200 Australian dollars, or pretty much 2 million rupiah, my family and i regret eating there. 

the next day, which is new year';s eve was spent in Sydney, there we saw the Sydney opera house, the sydney bridge., after that we enjoy the glorious new year fireworks. which is the perfect ending of my whole trip in Australia, i guess that's it. thanks for reading!

Kamis, 03 November 2016

The Hidden Treasure

Once, there was an old man who had four sons. All four of them were very lazy.

One day, the old man fell sick and was counting his last days in bed. He worried a lot about his sons’ future as the young men hesitated a lot to work. The sons believed that luck would favor them.

The old man’s health deteriorated every day and he decided to talk to his sons about their future. However, his sons did not listen to him.

Finally, the old man decided to play a trick to let his sons realize the importance of work. He called all his sons and let them sit near him on his bed. He said that he had a treasure box with gold coins and expensive gems for them and wanted to share the treasure equally among the four of them.

The young men were very happy and asked where his father had placed the treasure. The old man replied, “I cannot exactly remember the place where I have hidden the treasure. However, the treasure box is buried in our land. I’m really not sure about the place where I have hidden the treasure box.”

Even though the lazy young sons were happy, they were sad that the old man had forgotten the place where the treasure was hidden. After a few days, the old man died. The sons decided to dig the land to find the treasure box.

They worked very hard and dug their land. They could not find any treasure box in the land. Finally, they decided to dig a spot in their land that was a bit different from the rest of the area. The sons believed that the treasure was buried in that spot. They dug the specific spot deeply, but got nothing but water.

The Hidden TreasureA passerby who noticed the land and the water flowing from the spot talked to the sons about farming. Upon his advice, the four sons sowed vegetable seeds, and planted greens and flowering plants in their land. Since the land was very fertile with abundant water, within a few weeks, it became a fertile garden with nutritious vegetables and greens. The four sons sold the vegetables at a good price and earned a good amount of money.

Then they realized that it was hard work that was referred to as ‘Treasure Box’ by their father. Gradually, the four sons overcame their laziness, worked hard, earned more money and lived happily.

 source : http://www.kidsworldfun.com/the-hidden-treasure-a-short-moral-story-for-kids.php

1.  How many sons does the old man have?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 5
2. How did the old man trick his sons so they realize the importance of work?
a. The old man told his sons that they don't have any money
b. The old man told his sons that he's sick
c. The old man told his sons that he has a hidden treasure box somewhere in his land
d. The old man told his sons that he has a hidden treasure bob in his house
e. The old man told his sons that he will die soon
3. Why are the old man's sons lazy?
a. Because they believe that they are lucky
b. They are already wealthy
c. The old man do their jobs for them
d. They don't like working
e. They are just lazy
4. What do the old man's sons do to their land?
a. They build a shop there
b. They make a gas station there
c. They turn it into a garden
d. They don't do anything with the land
e. They sell the land
5.What is the moral of the story above?
a.Vegetables means money
b. Believe in luck
c. If some one can do it for you, don't do it
d. Give up when you've reach your limits
e. Hard work always pays

Kamis, 27 Oktober 2016

The White Tiger

The White Tiger is a pigmentation variant of the bengal tiger. It has the same black stripes as the normal bengal tiger, but where the bengal tiger has orange fur, the white tiger has white fur. Because of it's white colour, the bengal tiger is pretty amusing for lots of people. it is usually found in some states in india.
The White Tiger in the wild
The white tiger is white because of the lack of pheomelanin pigment, which cause the colour orange one the bengal tiger's fur,the white colour of the white tiger's fur is actually a disadvantage for them, since it will only make them easier to spot in the wild and harder for them to hide, the white tiger's eyes are different as well from the bengal tiger's, the white tiger's eyes are commonly blue. The white tiger is also bigger than the usual bengal tiger, it's male adult can grow to 2 to 3 metres in length and its weight is around 200 to 230 kilograms. it fully grown at the age of 2 to 3 years. their lifespan is usually around 12 years. The white tigers are carnivores, and if they're in the wild, they commonly eat large mammals such as, deer, wild boar, buffalo, etc, they also eat smaller animals such as monkeys and fish. White tigers usually hunt it's prey at night, although it's not nocturnal, but it will help them hide, it also hunts in the jungle, because it will be easier for them to hunt and not get spotted by the prey. The white tiger has an incredible hearing and sight switch, which helps them hunt.
The White Tiger
The Bengal Tiger

The Taxonomy Classification for the white tiger is:
Kingdom: Animal
Phylum : Chordata
Class: Mammal
Ordo : Carnivore
Family : Felidae
Genus : panthera
Species : Panthera Tigris

The white tiger can usually be found in the wild in india(in certain states), the white tiger is considered rare because of trophy hunting. besides living on the wild, some white tigers live in zoos around the world since it's white fur attracts lots of people. the white tigers in the world are estimated 8000 left, which made the white tiger endangered.

The White Tigers attract each other by using their roar and scent marks, once mated they will go separate ways. The gestation period is around 3 and a half months. the female gives birth to up to 5 cubs. the normal weight of a cub is 1 kg. after 18 months the tiger cubs will have a solitary life in the jungle. 
The White Tiger cub
To have a white tiger cub, you will need to breed 2 pure white tigers, if you breed them with a different type of tiger, this will cause genetic deformation, this is the example of the deformed white tiger, named Kenny.
Kenny the deformed white tiger
Source :

1. Where can the white tiger be found in the wild?
A. India
B. Australia
C. America
D. East Europe
E. South Africa
2. Why does the white tiger have white fur?
A. To adapt 
B. Because of their habitat
C. Pigmentation Variant
D. Because of their food
E. For Camouflage 
3. Why do the White Tigers hunt at night?
A. They are nocturnal
B. Their senses are better at night
C. They can hide easier from their prey
D. They can spot their prey easier
E. They can see better at night
4. Which of the statements below that are not true?
A. The wild white tigers can be found in India
B. The color of the white tiger's eye are usually blue. 
C. The white tiger can hear incredibly well
D. The White Tigers attract each other by using their fur
E. The white tigers will go separate ways after they mate
5. How long is the gestation period of the white tiger?
A. 4 months
B. 3 and a half months.
C. 3 months.
D. 4 and a half months
E. 5 months